Superb Stories That Will Improve Your Child Personality & Mental Skills

Superb Stories That Will Improve Your Child Personality & Mental Skills

Today you will read stories with moral values for kids and students. These 3 Hindi stories will improve your personality and mental skills which will help any student in his/her life.

Impact Of Company

Ram and Shyam were two brothers, both studied in the same school and even in the same class. But Ram was promising in their studies. The same his brother Shyam used to avoid studying and used to find many excuses for not studying. Ram's friends were studying and Shyam's friends were non-educators and stealing work.

Ram used to tell his brother Shyam to avoid those friends, but Shyam would scold him and tell him to keep up with his business. Shyam's friends leave home to go to school and go somewhere else on the way.

Sometimes he used to sit in the park, sometimes go somewhere to eat and drink, and sometimes watch a movie.

Shyam also came into their company and he too gradually avoided going to school.

Shyam also used to eat and drink and roam outside with those friends. Ram was very worried about this type of fraud on him. He also told Shyam about failing in the examination but Shyam did not agree. Once upon a time, Shyam was going to school, he met his friends and they said that he does not want to go to school today. We will all celebrate the birthday of our friend Hari and eat and drink outside and have a lot of fun. At first, Shyam refused, but after repeated calls from friends, he went with them. Shyam and his friends partied a lot and did not go to school that day. He and his friends continued to do this type of work.

There was an examination in which Shyam and his friends could not succeed, they failed. Ram got the first position this time also like any other time.

Shyam went to his house with the mark sheet which his parents saw and got very sad. He felt sad that one of my sons is doing so well and the other is so unworthy. Shyam could not pass in any subject. Shyam's parents were very sad, they did not say anything to anyone but inside he kept getting very sad.

He thought that now what will I tell other people that my son could not pass in any subject. In this way, Shyam saw the mother and father very worried and sad, on which he also felt sad. Shyam assured his parents that I would show success in the next examination.

Shyam left all his friends who had stopped him in his success. Leaving all those deceitful and deceitful friends and concentrate on his studies. As a result, after a year's hard work, he not only succeeded in the examination but also secured the highest position in the school. His parents are very happy about this and hugged their son Shyam and congratulated him.

Shyam had come to know that the kind of fellowship he will get, the same result will be found.

Moral education -

The same quality comes from living in the company. Of course, you should have good company.

Honest Brave Boy

Ramesh was a very sweet child. He studied in class II. The national festival of Independence Day was about to be celebrated in Ramesh Vidyalaya. Ramesh was very excited to participate in this program. Ramesh was asked by his class teacher to participate in the Independence Day parade. His joy knew no bounds, he happily started making preparations to attend the event.

In the Independence Day parade, the pre-practice continued with all the comrades and was full of great enthusiasm. On the day of the parade, when he started getting ready for school, Ramesh looked for his grandfather. Grandfather used to accompany Ramesh to school regularly to deliver him.

But when Grandfather was not found, asked the mother, then the mother told that Grandfather has gone to the village.
Their grandmother's health is bad and is in the hospital.

Father has also gone, now I will take you to school and leave the village.

When Ramesh heard this, he was very sad and he himself started insisting to go to Dadi.

On this, his mother took Ramesh with her and went to the village. When he reached the school a few days later, the principal called all the children who had not participated in the parade. Ramesh's name was not called on this, all other students were asked to bring their parents. Ramesh thought that my name was not spoken by the principal, it seems that he must have forgotten. Ramesh went to the principal's office and told the principal that 'I too did not attend the parade that day.

But you didn't take my name, do I have to call my parents too? '

The Principal was happy to see this simple nature of Ramesh and he told Ramesh that his parents had already told me the reason for not coming to your school by phone.

I am glad for your honesty.

Moral education -

One should always speak the truth and support the truth. The nature of a person is the identity of that person.

Feeling Of Remorse

Madan grew up in a small village in Orissa. After reading, he started doing a good job. Due to continuous promotions in the job, he got a lot of progress and fame. He now started living in the city, where Madan got a luxurious flat on the eleventh floor by the company. Madan started living with his wife very comfortably with a child.

After some time Madan's father came to the city to meet him.

His father was very old and a man of simple, calm nature.

The effect of time on them was clearly visible.
The hands and feet were out of control, i.e. without wanting to move the hands and feet, blurred vision, etc.

Madan's father and he used to stay in the flat with their grandson for the whole day after his wife went to work and both would talk a lot. Telling great stories of Ramayana, Mahabharata, and intelligent stories to his grandson.

The grandson listens to those stories with a lot of heart. The name of the grandson from that little one was Shyam. In the house were similar to expensive porcelain and another crockery.

It is a matter of one day that grandfather got to eat in a crockery pot.
Due to his hand not being in control, the crockery fell and broke after shaking his hand. On this Madan's wife brought a wooden utensil set from the market, which included a thali-bowl etc.

Now Grandfather started getting food in those utensils every day. Grandfather felt bad about these things but he did not tell anyone.

One day Shyam was playing with some wooden utensils while playing,  Madan and his wife i.e. Shyam's parents scolded him and asked the reason why are you doing this?

Shyam gave a childish answer. I am making wooden bowls and utensils.

On this, the parents of the evening asked what is the need of this?

Why are you making this?

Shyam replied that you will need this pot when you are old, so I am making it. Now Madan and his wife regret their mistake. Both husband and wife touched their feet and apologized to their father. Big people are simple in nature, so there is no delay in getting forgiveness from them.

Moral education

You get the same results as you do your deeds, so you should do good deeds.

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