Motivational Story For Kids

Motivational Story For Kids

Children love to read and listen to stories. If these stories are inspirational then even better. Because through these stories we can teach many things to young children. Right or wrong, we can give the knowledge of good and bad to children through these stories. That is why we have come here with short but inspirational stories for young children.

Fruit Of Greed

Haldwani was a small town. Ganesh Mithaiwala had a very famous shop in the same city. He used to make very tasty Bal sweets. Gradually the fame of Ganesh Mithaiwala spread far and wide.

Most of the people started buying sweets from Ganesh's shop. As soon as the income increased, the mind of the sweet seller reached the seventh heaven. In order to get more profit, now he started messing in the measurement too.

 One day a clever customer came to his shop. He asked for sweets from the sweet man. While weighing the sweets, Ganesha started showing cleanliness in it too. But the customer was smart. He immediately said, "Weigh it properly brother. There is a disturbance in the weight of the sweet".

Ganesh said, “Sethji, what is the matter. If there is a slight disturbance in the weight, then it does not matter. You will have to lift a little weight. By which you will also suffer less”.

After listening to Ganesha, the customer decided to find out his wisdom. He took the box of sweets from Ganesha. But while giving the money, he handed over a little less than the price to Ganesha. 
When Ganesha counted those rupees, he found that the rupee was slightly less than the cost of sweets. He looked at the customer. On this, the customer said to Ganesha "Yes, I have intentionally given you a little less money so that you have less trouble in counting the money.

Just as you thought of my good that I should have less trouble in carrying the weight of the sweets box. In the same way, I also thought of reducing your trouble a bit. That's why I gave less money".

Saying this the customer started laughing out loud. By that time many people had gathered there. Then the customer narrated the whole incident to the people. Hearing the incident, everyone present there started laughing out loud. 
But if he bites the sweet person, then there is no blood. But the customer left smiling. Never after that Ganesh decided not to mess with the sweets.

Moral Of The Story

"The fruits of greed are always bad. That is why we should always avoid greed."

Fruit Of Betrayal

One day four thieves made a plan to rob a big businessman's house. And he went to the place of a big Seth of his city to steal. Since Seth was out of town that day. That is why the four thieves easily wiped out Seth's entire earnings. And he took all the money and went towards the forest.

The four thieves decided to spend the night in the forest itself. Because everyone was hungry since morning. That's why everyone together decided that first, they will eat something and only then they will distribute the money. 
There was a city nearby. Where food and drink could be found comfortably. Now the four thieves decided that two of them would go to the city to bring food and the remaining two people would stay there to look after the looted goods and money.

Two thieves were going to get food in the city. Suddenly their intentions got disturbed and the thought came in their mind that if we kill both the thieves who take care of the goods. So both of us can divide the looted goods in half.

And he started planning to kill two of his own friends who were guarding the goods. But the same thought also came into the mind of both the thieves who took care of the goods. So he also made a plan.

The two thieves, who had gone to buy food, mixed poison in the food and they returned to their friends as per their plan.

Here the plans of both the friends sitting near the luggage were also ready. They warmly welcomed both their friends who had brought food and asked them to walk on the well and wash their hands 
When both the thieves went into the well and started washing their hands, the other two thieves pushed them hard. Due to which they fell into the well and they died instantly.

After this both the remaining thieves happily returned to their belongings and being very hungry, they decided to distribute the loot among themselves after having their food.

But there was poison mixed in the food. That is why as soon as those two thieves ate the food. The poison spread throughout their body and both of them also died in agony. Thus ended the four thieves.

Moral Of The Story

"Never betray your friends and family. The consequences of betrayal are always bad."

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